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Springer Rescue
English Springer Rescue America, Inc. (ESRA) is a national referral and foster care purebred placement organization, and a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation.  Through the compassionate efforts and commitments to help, ESRA's volunteer members have
successfully placed hundreds of Springers in new loving homes.  Rewards of adopting a rescued Springer in need will enrich your soul!

The English Springer Spaniel is a friendly, lively, outgoing, medium-sized breed requiring regular exercise and daily grooming. Springers enjoy children and adults alike and do best in a household situation when properly trained and socialized.   The English Springer's being is typically eager to please, quick to learn, and willing to obey. The Springer's intelligence and agility, paired with its beauty, loyalty and trustworthiness make this breed one of the most desired.

If you have interest in adopting a Springer, please contact me:


Jodie Rivers
Member, Volunteer/Foster
South Carolina

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Now available through foster home in Holly Tree, Simpsonville , SC

Sarge (Sir Sergeant Major)

Sarge is now a 9 month old boy with lots of energy and love to give! He enjoys outdoors
as well as being in the house with the people-pack. He is very fond of sticks and has
affectionately earned himself the nickname "Stickman". He works hard to gather tree limbs
and sticks in the yard and brings them up the stairs to the 2nd level deck where
foster dad enjoys the help of gathering wood for his chimnea. He says its just his way of contributing to the household, as he doesn't realize its just a soft benefit beyond the fun and lovins he so generously gives everyday! He can be a handful at times when well rested
and full of lil' boy mischief. So, foster mom wants you to know he's still a pup and needs
to be watched to prevent him getting into trouble. He is taking well to correction and
commands which have really improved and helped. He knows how to "sit", "wait", "leave-it", "shake", "go to bed" and of course "no".  He is crate trained. He's a smart boy and just needs a steady nurturing home with a consistent structured environment to come to full dog-hood!
Sarge has his AKC papers and is UTD on shots. He prefers a family with children (best at 5+)
and other canine-kind pack member(s).  He's in foster care in
Simpsonville , SC.









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