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United We Stand  

Bravo-One arrives at Holly Tree and River Walk

If you would like Bravo-One to check out a particular situation or feel the need to contact them, please call the following number:

Bravo-One Protective Services.

 The dispatcher phone number is 864.907.0326.
Kayla is our officer and she can be reached at 864.213.7403.

Please also call 911 to make a report for tracking purposes.
Click here to link to the Greenville County Sheriff's website.

          We are pleased to announce a joint agreement between Holly Tree and River Walk in obtaining Bravo-One protective services!  Bravo-One has started patrolling our neighborhoods during the late evening.  They come with great references from Greenville County where they obtained a contract to work locations where the county police once patrolled.  

               Mike Babson heads up Bravo-One and his officers are armed, SLED (South Carolina Law Enforcement Division) qualified, and have the power to arrest.  The police vehicles are similar as the County police with role bars and cages in the back seat while others have radar.  Bravo-One will offer flexibility and accountability to our community while their officer’s observe key locations while patrolling. Mike Babson and his officers are friendly and courteous.  To insure our safety, they will be greeting residents and non-residents as we walk the streets (especially after dark).

               We hope that the savings and flexibility will give our community better overall coverage and be curtailed to the types of crime we experience. 


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