Holly Tree

HOLLY TREE PLANTATION Simpsonville, South Carolina
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Homes for Sale in Holly Tree

This list is a service to residents who would like additional exposure regarding selling their house. To have your Holly Tree home listed here, simply email the webmaster. The list is also intended to assist potential buyers who have a desire to live in Holly Tree.

Street House Nbr Price Owner Contact Phone
Briarwood Drive 205 205,000 John & Chris Worthy Philip Romba 349-7607
Countryside Drive 111 283,900 Peter & Elzanna Haskell Paula Padar 616-8880
Fishbrook Way 104 279,900 Neely & Lyn Gaston Britt Brandt 787-3873
Gilden Lane 103 259,900 Julie Jones Lenelle Tanner 250-2850
Holly Park Drive 203 280,000 Andrew Reynolds Norm MacDonald 313-7353
Holly Park Lane 107 259,900 George & Blaiz Buchanan William Miller 322-1220
Woodhill Lane 102 215,000 Jean Willson Chet Smith 458-7653



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